A message about our boat landing inspections
Friday, March 30th, 2012

Looks and feels like summer is just around the corner (except for the 1” of snow on March 30th), and time to start thinking about boat inspections for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). As in the last couple of years, I will be doing the volunteer scheduling each week. And, as in the past, I will be communicating with you via email. If you have changed or acquired a new email address, please let me know so that your messages don’t end up in cyber space.

This year with the blessing of the board, working from an idea submitted by Ruth Cerull, we have added a little twist to the program. As an incentive for greater participation at the landing, the board has purchased two $50 gift certificates to Trig’s to be awarded at the end of the boating season. The rules are these……….for each 2 ½ hour shift worked, you will receive one ballot in the ballot box at the end of the season, ie. five shifts volunteered=5 ballots. Number of shifts will be derived from the Watercraft Inspection Report completed by you on your shift. The ballots will be kept in a mayonnaise jar on Tom Cerull’s front porch until the day of the drawing at which time an independent source will draw the winners of the two gift certificates.

Please Note: Everything in the above paragraph is true and accurate except the mayonnaise jar.

The weekly schedules will be made for the weekends only, but I encourage you to pop down to the landing any time during the week as well. I realize weekends can be very busy for many of us and weekday shifts could be a workable alternative.

If you haven’t done inspections in the past, just get in touch with me and we will get you set up. It can be fun a a good way to meet your lake neighbors.

John Kurhajec
CBCW Coordinator

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