2013 CBCW Boat Landing Inspections
Sunday, January 6th, 2013

In November the MLA board voted to obtain 100 hours of boat landing inspections by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh interns at a cost of $1,300. Ted Ritter was contacted with the request and he responded by mentioning a grant opportunity that would end up costing just $650 for 200 hours of inspection. We have been approved for the grant so the inspections will begin in spring. We felt that this was needed as various invasive species are becoming more numerous and that our volunteer inspection hours have decreased from about 300 hours in 2007 to just 30 hours this past year.

Many thanks to Tom Cerull for the work in securing the Grant and getting us some paid inspection help. We still need your volunteer hours at the landing. If you can help out even if is only for a few hours, our lake benifits from your help. Check out the Boat Landing Inspection pages on our site. It is not too tough and a good chance to meet your neighbors.

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