Grant committee – Justine White-Richards
This committee is responsible for keeping us informed of the various grants and programs that may be available to support the well being of the lake. When appropriate, coordinate the MLA participation such as the CLASS project.

Shoreline Restoration – Justine White-Richards
A offshoot of the Grant committee, this project solicits participants on the lake to improve their shoreline for better lake management techniques. Under the right conditions, parts of this work are funded.

Aerator – Bob Hodkiewicz
A vital part of maintaining the health of our lake, the use of an aerator helps stabilize winter oxygen levels assuring the survival of most of our fishery. Bob coordinates the maintenance of the MLA owned aerator, the timing to turn it on and the installation and removal of safety fencing. Bob could always use volunteers to help on short notice.

Water Quality – Roger Johnston
Citizen Lake Monitoring Network is a DNR based network of local reporting people. The scientific measurement of some key water quality data points helps us keep an eye on the trends of our water quality over time. This data is publically recorded and used by the DNR and UW extension personnel.

Fishery – Ed Kroggel
Keeping an understanding of the quality of the fishery is an important part of the overall health of our lake. The results of fish census from boom shocking events and DNR analysis are presented. The discussions of any stocking efforts start here.

Social – Mimi Johnston
The social committee keeps us all connected with fun events throughout the year. Most notably the Winter Fling and the Ice Out predictions are always great fun.

Plants and Algae – Gail Anderson
An important part of our lake’s health is the understanding of the normal plants and algae in the lake. This aquatic vegetation is our underwater landscaping, not weeds. We use this understanding to monitor for any invasive species that my find their way into our lake.

Boat Landing, CBCW – John Kurhajec
Closely tied to the Plants and Algae committee, this group makes education a big part of keeping invasive species out of our lake. A significant number of lakes in Vilas County have large invasive species problems. The Clean Boats Clean Waters program has volunteers spend time at our boat landing doing education and inspections of boats and trailers. Our hope is to prevent the spread of invasive species. John could always use volunteers to spend a few hours at our boat landing to help the CBCW efforts.

Adopt-a-Highway – Bob & Judy Peterson
If you hadn’t noticed MLA participates in the Adopt a Highway program. The MLA sponsored section is just west of us on county Highway N from the intersection of Highway G north to Highway K. This twice-a-year effort can be a lot of fun and has been known to turn up a few dollars as well. Bob and Judy can always use some volunteers in the spring and fall.

Sunshine – Ruth Kazlauskas, Judy Peterson
For number of years Ruth has added a of bit sunshine by sending remembering you notes when our members are having some tough times through illness or deaths. These surprises have made the day for many people. She also would inform the membership of these issues so they could be sensitive to our friends and neighbors. It is with deep regret to report that Ruth Kazlauskas passed away Sept. 13 2011. We all will miss the sunshine she added to our days. Judy Peterson will now be our Sunshine Gal. If you hear of someone in need of a little cheer, contact Judy. 715-479-2555

Welcome – Dorothy Borkowicz, Judy Peterson
So you just moved to the lake and don’t know your way around? Dorothy has helped many people with all they need to know to get started in their new up north neighborhood. If you have a new neighbor, be sure to contact Dorothy or Judy.

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