Boat Parade July 4th
Friday, March 14th, 2014

Mark your calendar now and begin the planning for another great boat parade on Muskellunge Lake. Friday, July 4th. Come cruise with us this year thru our American history. CRUSIN’ THRU AMERICAN HISTORY is this year theme. Just decorate your boat to tell the story of some great American moment. For example: Raising the flag at Iwo Jima, John Glen landing on the moon, some great Olympic event, remember the Alamo, you know be creative. (ya I know John Glen didn’t go to the moon but he hasn’t been to Muskellunge lake either) Our agenda will be similar to last year. We will gather canned goods for those in need and meet for another wonderful event. More details will be posted here later.
Some say the parade’s coveted trophy is getting bored sitting on that same ole shelf for the last two years. A few say it is going to stay right where it is. So, start getting ready now and make your statement about American history and take that coveted trophy. This years parade Host is Dennis Schumacher.

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