CBCW Volunteers

We all have a responsibility for the stewardship of our lake and the State’s Clean Boats Clean Waters. The CBCW program, provides an opportunity to actively participate in that stewardship.  It is imperative for the health and beauty of our lake and the value of our properties that we continue to work with Vilas County Invasive Species Coordinator Ted Ritter, to minimize the threat of invasive aquatic plants. Prevention is far less expensive than trying to remove it once it is here. If you want to help with volunteer inspections, contact John Kurhajec at 262-930-0368

John Kurhajec, Coordinator

Intern Program 2013 Results

The above list is to recognize and thank the 40+ people who over the last several years have helped us with volunteer time at our landing doing CBCW inspections. We could always use a couple hours help particularly on weekends.

Intern Program

We were able to supplement our volunteer hours with some paid Summer Intern monitors. They spent most of their summer on various lakes doing CBCW inspections as part of their curriculum.

These links are the summary data from Muskellunge Lake CBCW inspections.


Links from County AIS site – Ted Ritter


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