Lake Management Plan

2017 EWM Presentation

This is an presentation by Joe Pallardy of EOR our lake consultant. This was presented at the 2017 annual meeting. It identifies and shows action plans to deal with the EWM on the lake.

An Essay About Muskellunge Lake Weeds

This is an essay by Jeff Rappold about his observations and learning about the lake weeds and the aging of Muskellunge Lake.

Onterra CLASS presentation 7/2012

This presentation material was used to provide a Muskellunge lake specific update from the CLASS project. This was presented by Tim Hoyman of Onterra at our 2012 Annual meeting

Muskellunge Lake Monitoring Procedure

This lake monitoring proceedure is specific to Muskellunge Lake. This document was developed and revised in June of 2010. This specifies responsibilities of lake residents and others in controlling Invasive Species in our lake environment.

Muskellunge Lake Data Final 2011

This PDF download is the Final Report Pages specific to Muskellunge Lake from the 2009 – 2011 Onterra study done for the CLASS Cloverland area lakes. Further information from follows in other downloadable documents.

Onterra LLC – Muskellunge Lake Data

This PDF download is the 11 page introduction from the 2009 – 2011 Onterra study done for the CLASS Cloverland area lakes. Some excellent baseline information is contained here. There are observations on watershed assessment, water quality, trophic index and lake vegetation. Further information follows in other downloadable documents.

CLASS Grant & Purpose 1
CLASS Grant & Purpose 2
CLASS Grant & Purpose 3

These downloads are the application materials for the 2009 CLASS grant regarding aquatic species. This is a four page document of the actual DNR application and an 11 page detail of the project scope, costs, and expectations of stakeholders.

1. Class001 – A 16 page document that defines township wide water quality, chemistry and nutrients.
2. Class002 – Continuing with a 9 page section on invasive plants, harvesting of plants and chemical treatments.
3. Class003 – A 10 page continuation that includes aquatic plant data.

The following is shortened summary prepared by Onterra for presentation at a spring 2012 conference. The information here is most relevent to Muskellunge Lake.

CLASS Summary Muskellunge April 2012

2005 Lake MGMT study – Blue Water Science

Several good historical documents can be downloaded here. These are various studies and findings for Muskellunge lake.

2005 Report Summary

This is the 4 page overview of an extensive evaluation done in 2005.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1, 2, & 3

Includes the basis of geology and geography and shoreland inventory.

Ch. 4.1 – Lake Statistics
Ch. 4.2 – Lake Statistics
Ch. 5

Watershed assessment and stakeholder expectations.

Ch. 6.1 – Improvement Alternatives
Ch. 6.2 – Improvement Alternatives
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4

Lake Sediment – A graphic showing the depth of sediments in Muskellunge lake

Lake Sediment Depth

Good background on Secchi, phosphorus, chlorophyll, and trophic state.

Understanding Lake Data
1994 Plant Survey

A 1994 listing of plant species.

1994 Culvert

Results of problem culvert on Muskellunge creek.

1983 Fecal Study

The results of a Fecal Coliform Study.

2003 Study on Water Quality and the Effects of Changes in Phosphorus Loading to Muskellunge Lake, Vilas County, Wisconsin – View Here.

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