Fishery Stocking/Survey

Ed Kroggel and Dave Larson

Keeping an understanding of the quality of the fishery is an important part of the overall health of our lake. The results of fish census from boom shocking events and DNR analysis are presented. The discussions of any stocking efforts a presented here.

Ed Kroggel and Dave Larson reported in 2012 that the quality of walleye fishing has gone down. Tom Cerull stated that he spoke with Steve Gilbert. They will be using our lake as a trial for stocking musky. They will stock 272 musky fingerlings for the next 5 years. Future plans to improve the hatcheries will help to improve the walleye fishing in the future.

In the spring of 2012 2700 walleye fingerlings were planted.

This link goes to the history of fish stocking in Muskellunge Lake. 1972 – Present
Muskellunge Lake – Fish Stocking

Follows is a 2008 survey and stocking data for Muskellunge Lake.

2008 Stocking and Survey

Follows is a report on Muskellunge Spawning Success.

Musky Spawning

Ed Kroggel provided an update. 2,500 small walleyes were stocked this spring (about 1 inch in size). 1,500 larger ones put in last fall. Survival rate is a very small percentage. Another option is for the lake association to purchase from private fishery larger fingerlings. These larger fingerlings generally run about $2.50 a piece. The mortality rate is about 40% in the first year, 10% in subsequent years. Jeff Rappold noted the report from the DNR site on walleye stocking in prior years as being much higher.

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