Water Monitoring

Jeff Rappold
Jeff took over water monitoring responsibilities from Roger Johnston in 2013. A big thanks to Roger for the many years he devoted to this responsibility.

Citizen Lake Monitoring Network is a DNR based network of local reporting people. The scientific measurement of some key water quality data points helps us keep an eye on the trends of our water quality over time. This data is publicly recorded and used by the DNR and UW extension personnel. See the links to the historical data below.

Jeff took water four times so far. At the deep hole the secchi was 6′, 6′ 4′,3′. See the details in the DNR report links below.

Historical Data 2013
Historical Data 2012
Historical Data 2011
2011 Narrative report
Historical Data 2010
2010 Narrative report

This is the main menu page for Lake reporting taken at the Deep Hole on Muskellunge Lake.
Muskellunge Lake – Deep Hole

This link goes to the USGS site that is monitoring the lake level and the outflow at the dam site. This data is live along with historical graphs.

USGS Lake Level Live

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