President’s Report

Shoreline restoration has been pursued with the DNR and Vilas County. We currently don’t have sufficient interest to qualify for the DNR program.

We found that the DNR did some netting the spring of 2013 to evaluate the muskie population. They netted 27 muskies that ranged in length from 11” to 47”. Although it’s nice to know that we have some larger muskies, it’s also nice to know that unlike walleyes, muskies do naturally reproduce in our lake. In a phone discussion with the president of Muskies, Inc. and he referred to our lake as a “hidden gem” which I took as quite a compliment. There have also been recent questions about the number of bass in our lake. I contacted Steve Gilbert from the DNR and found that the DNR stocked bass in our lake in 1943 and 1992. He felt that some of the recent warm summers and lower water depths had helped the bass population improve.

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